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Why do you need fortune telling?

Foretelling is to solve your doubts (the way to speculate the future directivity), and the importance is not foretelling but doubting. You don’t have any doubts but want to be foretold, and you are just making a fuss.

For the future development, everyone stands in his or her own shoes without a certain idea. However, everyone has his/her opinions of this kind of unknown things.








For those who spend so much time studying, they must be confident with the results of the exams. But their doubts may turn out to be that why I only get an “A+”, “A”, “A-“or “B+” on it

However, for those who do not have much time on study or those who do not even want to study, they may already know the results of the exams. The only difference is how bad the grades they will get.

Everyone wants to be successful whichever in his profession, wealth, relationships and health. And everyone wants to have the equal feedback from how much effort he/she pays. However, the fact will never be like that.

After trying so hard, you still remain skeptical for the future? Perhaps you need to take advantage of the Chinese predictions which has been lasting for 4600 years: Ying-Yan and ba zi, to help you analyze your ba zi, especially a long-term and far-reaching analysis which will influence on your wealth, the arrangements and plans of your life. Then you are the one who needs the predictions of Yin Yang and ba zi indeed.

For examples:

1. You want to invest, and it seems you are able to do it. Should you start off doing it?

2. You are a big shareholder, there are three capable people. Who should you choose to have him hold the important position?

3. You want to buy a house, but you are also worried about the instability of your income in the future.

4. You want to set up a company, but you don’t know whether you can make money or not.

5. You want to develop at other places, but you don’t know whether it will be better or not.

If you have already tried so hard to give it a plan or think about it, but you are still feeling so confused. If you have any questions, welcome to send me an inquiry

Ying yang brings out “Feng Shui” and “ba zi”. Feng Shui, which is by adjusting the positions, to find out the healthy and propitious energy field of you home and office.    To help you the home of peace and help your business run prosperous. ba zi, by your time of birth (the time of the hour or which it is within, if knowing the minutes will be much better) and also the birthplace.   You will get your own chart with the information above.    With this ba zi chart, it can help to foretell both good and bad things that may happen in the future, and also the development of trouble that you are in, to figure out how to solve it or to prevent from the problems in advance.

If you want to have the answers to the questions or to the future development which are predicted precisely, you will have to explain the situation of your question.    If I have question to your request, you should also reply to me. It is just like going to the doctor.    If you are able to describe your symptom in a clear way, the doctor will know how to treat your illness in a more correct and rapid way.    The clearer of the known conditions you tell me, the more precise of the answers I can foretell.

 I live in Taiwan and I have learnt Yin Yang and ba zi for almost 20 years.    The fee is not low, but I’m confident in my professional services, it is real and worth your reliance.

Fees: USD$250 / A person

All of the responses are in English. I will reply to your questions (the three questions that I ask you are not included) in two days  after receiving your payment.

You can pay with paypal or by credit catd

My paypal account is: kevin.a0920@msa.hinet.net


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