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Feng shui service for office, factories, houses and interior design 

It was commonly known as:” The blessed people live in the blessing places”. It fully expresses that the close connection between feng shui and human being. You may notice that within same area, some stores are very popular but some are not. It may be the conflict or benefit about how Feng Shui works.

 You may figure out the connection between Feng shui and your ba zhi by this service. My Feng shui service which has combined your destiny code, will bring out the best and help you get more business.

 By this service, it will help you find out the current Feng shui defects in your office, factory or houses, and make the better possibilities for the future.   

The connection between human being and feng shui are quite close, no matter on factory, office building and houses. It should not be underestimated.

Payment: We will need to discuss for it depending on the size, purposes and location and see if I have to do the on-site inspection. Please email me your inquiries.

When you write to me, please let me know the size of your office or house, and also its floor plan. If it is just the land without any building, please give me the size and let me know where the south is. After we make the deal on the price and service that you need, you may need to provide more detail information I need.

1.  For the square measure of the house under 1100 square feet: USD$600

2.  For the square measure of the house over 1100 square feet, price is to be discussed.

Payment: By bank transfer or by paypal

My paypal account is:


Bank Name : Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. South San Chung Branch

Bank Address : No.12, Chung Hsin Road. Sec 4. San Chung Dist New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.


A/C NO: 21910112967


If you are the architect, and need a long-term partner for this value added, FengShui,  service to help your clients, please contact me. I will explain this special case to you.