Choose Caesarean to create a good ba zhi for your child

Here is an old Chinese proverb,” Wealth does not sustain beyond three generations.” Why? Either in modern or in ancient times, the children in rich families has more resources than most people, they also get more assistance from others. General speaking, they already have the tickets to success, but why the children of the rich people are not like their parents, to take advantage of the wealth which is given from their parents and to create more wealth and get the higher achievement than their parents? The genes of the children come from their parents, but why don’t they have the same personalities and wisdom to become as successful as their parents do and to carry on the achievement of their parents and to expand a larger business territory?

Isaac Newton said:” If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

If the rich parents are giants, won’t they let their children stand on their shoulders to see further?

The answer to this question is – the parents own the different personalities and fortune from their children, in short, they have different ba zi. The only thing that the rich parents couldn’t control is their child who will stand on their shoulders. In the end, will they have the personality like successful people or just have the weight as an elephant? If your children have the personality and wisdom of successful people, then there’s no need to make them stand on your shoulder, they will do it by themselves. Besides, they will do very well to make your feel satisfied which will be out of your expectation. If your children only have the weight of elephant, then you will never be able to put them on your shoulders, even though you wear yourself out to put them on your shoulders, what you will get is to ruin your business, your business territory and your family.

When born to the earth, and we have been influenced by the power of yin and yang since we breathed at birth. The birth time will be the most important thing of the influential power to people until the day they die.  One’s rich and poor of his/her life is hidden within the secrets of his/her birth time.

If the bazhi of the birth time is great, and the way of the fortune also goes well, no matter how the parents are, he/she will be able to create his/her own wonderful life; if the bazhi of birth time is bad, it might even affect his/her parents, and would probably destroy the business and wealth which were set up by his/her parents.

If you want to choose a bazhi by the birth time of the baby which will be helpful for his/her whole life and to help your business, to undertake your family property and to create a more wonderful life; or you would like to make your child has a better life than other’s and to influence on your future, then you will need to choose a good birth time for your baby. When your child gets a good birth time, it is as same as getting the assistance of the yin and yang between the heaven and the earth. It is the best and the most important for you, your family and your baby.

If you are already a giant, for your future, what you have to notice is that: Who is the person standing on your shoulders?    

 Choosing the birth time for the baby is to choose the personality by ying yang which will lead him or her to success in the easiest way. Besides, with the help of good fortune, to help your next generation is also to ensure your future.

You must find a doctor who will be willing to work with your plan and the hospital will accept to do the Caesarean Section for 24 hours. (It would not be the way that I have to work with the hospital and the doctor. If I really have to work with them, you have to tell me in advanced, and the bazhi I could choose will be much less. You have to take note of this point.)  

Then, you have to tell me:

A.  The birth year of the pre-born baby’s parents. (If there is a surrogate mother, please tell me her birth year.)

B.  The current weeks of pre-born baby’s growth

C.  The due date of the pre-porn baby

D.  Which city will the pre-born baby be born in

E.  The gender of the pre-born baby

F.  The order of the pre-born baby of your children

G.  How many babies are you pregnant with

H.  The pre-born baby’s development of every week and the feeling of the mother to her child.

I will use the information you provide me to choose two sets of ba zi for your child. One is close to the due week, another one is within 2 weeks to a month before the due week, and I will also tell you the characteristics for these two sets of ba zi to let you choose.

When it is close to a month before the due week, I will give you the direct way to contact me in case of the babies will choose the birth date by themselves. I will always be ready to get your call to choose the best time of the day for you immediately and to assist the birthing process and the future life of the pre-born baby.

(Due to that the babies choose the birth date by themselves, it would be less sets of ba zi to choose. Therefore, if the pregnant woman is healthy enough and the doctor agrees as well, I will do my best to choose the best ba zi under the permission of the doctor and,The information your should offer:

I. Your gender

J. Your birthplace (City is fine.)

K. Your birth time, day, month and year of Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar one is also necessary. It’s better to know what the minute is of your birth time.

L. The birth year of your parents (It would be better if you have it, it’s also fine if you don’t have it.)  

The payment of each of the case : USD$3,000.per person

Payment: By bank transfer or by paypal

My paypal account is:   OR

Bank Name :  Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. South San Chung Branch

Bank Address :   No.12, Chung Hsin Road. Sec 4. San Chung Dist New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.


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