What is All things  can be  Divined?

If only you have a doubt toward one thing in your mind, you can use this one simple and precise service to know the answer. But there are 2 important notices I shall let you know before we start:

1. Your question must be specifically one thing.

    Ex. Can I be a president?     A: This is not one thing but one’s destiny.  If it is your destiny to hold great power,     when time comes you will  have chance to be president.    But if your question is, I want to invite Anne     Hathaway to have dinner together next week but don’t know if she will say yes or reject, then it is a thing and     is good to ask. Even if you want to know whether or not there is any further chance to get closer with her after     dinner, it is a thing so is good to ask.

    Ex. Will I be as rich as Bill Gates?    A: This is not a thing.  To be rich or poor is one’s destiny and is a     consequence of one’s hard work, so it is not a thing.     But if your question is,  Bill Gates called me 3:30 this     afternoon and asked me to lend him $50,000 which he said will return to me 3 weeks later.  You want to     know whether if he will return the money on time or not, then it is a thing and is good to ask.

   Ex. I am a girl.  I want to know if I could marry with Bred Pit?    A: This is one’s destiny and it is not a thing. If    you change your question into: Bred Pit invited me to his house next Wednesday, I wonder if he will have close    relationship with me that night?  Then it is a thing and good to ask.

  Ex. I bought a lottery which winner number is going to be drawn tonight with 3 billion dollars prize, I wonder if I   will win the lottery or not?    A: Basically it is fine to ask, however, I think probabilistically the answer is very   clear, so please do not waste your money on this.  But if you change your question into: Our company is going   to hold a drawing game tonight, 3 of the prizes are my targets and we have 100 employees, so probabilistically   there is only 3% to win.  I wonder whether if I will have chance to win any one of them?  Such kind of question   like this is more valuable so it is good to ask.

  Ex.  I will go to an interview for a job this Wednesday at 9:00, I am eager to get this job so I would like to   know if I will get this job or not?    A:  Good to ask.    

  Or, the day after tomorrow I’m going to bid a case which I am eager to win.  The result will be opened next   Monday,  I wonder if I will get the case or not?    A: Good to ask.

   Ex. There will be a Yankees vs Red Socks game on next Wednesday on Red Socks’s home,  I wonder who    will win the game?    A: This is a thing and good to ask.

   Ex. Because of stomachache I went to hospital for inspection.  The inspection result will be known next    Wednesday, but I am worried if it is cancer… Can I ask if the result will be cancer or not?     A: This is a thing    so it is good to ask.

   Ex. Next Tuesday I am going to casino in Alaska to play Texas poker game, I will be there for 2 days, I    wonder if I will win or lose my money?    A: Good to ask.

   In summary, a thing must be something:    Going to happen in a short time and will have a result within 3    months.   Directly related to you.   Have a clear who/when/where/what and your question.

   In a way, we can say there are many conditions of a thing, so if you are not clear about it you can write me a    letter.  I will feedback to you as quick as possible.   If this service can not answer your question, you could   consider to use another service: BaZi destiny analysis to    solve your long-term questions from aspects of your   destiny. Please refer to the link below :  Bazi fortune

   2. How to use All things  can be  Divined

   We will need following information from you. (Please copy the format shown as below)

   A. The remittance date and time of your Paypal.

       Ex. I have used paypal account no : kevin.a0920@msa.hinet.net  to remit to you at 2:15 on 21/FEB/14.

   B. The place where you use Paypal for remittance. Ex. New York city, USA.

   C. Is the place where you remitted has daylight saving time?

       Ex. The daylight saving time in UK was started at AM1:00 on 3/31/2013 Sunday morning and was closed at        AM1:00 on 10/27/13 Sunday morning.

   D. Provide us clearly about who / when / what of your question and what you would like to know.

   E. Pick up a number out of 1 ~ 12 and write it down in the letter. ( No need to think too much, just follow         your instinct.  It will be best under natural and direct response)

   F. Gender of you and your targeted person. (If your target is a group then it is not necessary)

   Then copy and paste the content to the email and send it to: kevin.0920@msa.hinet.net

   Cost for one question will be: USD$60.00

   I don’t use a Crystal ball, nor tarot or 3 coins.  It is not necessary to use an physical object to do it.  As long as    I could have information mentioned above, I will soon reply your questions as I receive your remittance notice    from Paypal.  Your questions will be answered by the following way: Can or Can not, Yes or No, Correct or    Incorrect.  In the meantime I will tell you my prediction and you can arrange your future based on that    prediction.




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